israel plans.

ok, so i can finally say with (somewhat) confidence that i know what my israel plans for the next 6 months are… i’m sorry if u didnt really care but a lot of people have been asking so i’m clearing it up en masse…

i will be leaving aug 10 for israel, but i will not be declaring citizenship. my ticket is open, and i have plans to return aug 31. if something comes up that is irresistable, i will consider staying an extra month or two.

then, my plan is to make proper aliyah with nefesh b nefesh in dec/jan season. after that, i have solid plans that include ulpan and starting a masters degree.
in the meanwhile, while i am home from sept – dec, i’m trying to find a temp job (if u know of anything, send my way).

the reason for the postponement is that my plans for the first year of aliyah fell through (i’ve been through a lot of them). the trip in aug will serve to solidify future plans.

the truth is, i was not supposed to make aliyah at first till summer 2005, but the hype of nefesh b nefesh really got me into planning for summer 2004. at the same time, graduating college (not living at home in 4 years) and then leaving the country straight has its pros and also its cons.

needless to say, this has been a very painful decision for me but amongst the sinking feeling in my stomach i am also feeling confident that using patience as a strategy in this case is crucial.

as many of you know, i have been comparing the aliyah process to a marriage. you have to have ultimate faith of a solid start (although i have encountered people who dont agree). i wouldnt get married unless i felt solid faith about it. it would be a lack of integrity to make aliyah at this point without a ‘smooth landing’ as my shaliach calls it.

there is NO DOUBT that i am making aliyah this year. thanks for all your support in the meanwhile.






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