quite an ass kicking.

today i should have been walking around in naot in 60-70 degree weather, praying with meaning after a year's dry spell, running my hands over white stone and falling in love. instead i was walking around in naot in lesser weather; praying to a passport agency for a way out of here; beating my thumbs... Continue Reading →

the plan

friend: "20 years from now when your old and grey and living in Gush Katif you'll describe your aliyah as the biggest anti-climax of your life."lizrael process, part III:go to connecticut tomorrow for passport agency to get quickie passport.if i get that, and it's before 10 30, off to the city for jewish agency papers... Continue Reading →

round two

a friend asked me what the most traumatic moment in my life was. i really couldn't come up with an answer."my parents divorce?"it was a question and i dont even know if it's the real answer. i haven't really experience much trauma, have i? i've been fairly lucky.so second round: fate 2 - liz 0.... Continue Reading →

last words

i dunno. i guess it all makes sense. this is what i've been talking about.i'm not feeling very profound. i'm not feeling much of anything still...this has been a slow, drawn out thing and it still is.so... 'have a safe flight' and 'good luck'...

where you from?

so i'm go-go dancing for the last time (for a while) in a NYC club and this guy leans up to me and asks me where i'm from and as i begin to mouth, 'staten island,' i had a last minute change of heart and i smile and i tell him, 'israel', and he goes,... Continue Reading →

reign of terror from a child's mouth

So here’s the problem.You’ve been training for pain management since you were fourteen and learning how to express your feelings in new ways. Technological advances like razors and parker pen clips on the back of a yellow school bus.But you’ve graduated since then. Twice. You’ve moved on. You’re not angry, you’re not pained to the... Continue Reading →

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