round two

a friend asked me what the most traumatic moment in my life was. i really couldn’t come up with an answer.
“my parents divorce?”
it was a question and i dont even know if it’s the real answer. i haven’t really experience much trauma, have i? i’ve been fairly lucky.

so second round: fate 2 – liz 0. i didnt get on the plane today. my passport walked away with my visa, hand in hand, and they left me out of their playdate.

if aliyah were easy, i dont think it would be aliyah… you cant raise yourself without expending some energy. or time…

besides, i’m still lucky. what’s 2 weeks when i have years and years ahead?

you have to work really hard to get the things you really want.

after all, this is gonna be one sweet lemonade. for now, sucking on lemons isn’t so bad.






Whadya got: