it's hard to offend me. so…

m: When you come back in two weeks, just don’t wear blue or orange for a few weeks.
e: u dont have an opinion on the subject?
m: I do, but, I choose not to let the whole world know about it. Do you?
e: yeah. whats the point of opinions if u wont express them?
m: True, but, it’s much easier to tell people than to show them and who knows what would happen.
e: oh.. ill have to disagree
m: Why? If you don’t show it, then you don’t have to worry about in comming violence against you.
e: if i believe in something strongly, or even not so strongly, i feel its important to let that show or at least be free to talk about it. were lucky to live in a free enuf society where it is not gov policy to be beaten for opinions
m: Ok. I can make my opinion without going into a debate about it. Same thing here, I can say something to friends but, I don’t have to let the whole world know.
e: u dont, but at such troubled times as these, weve got to make voices heard so we can make a plan, express what we want, get stuff done… keeping quiet has lead to many man issues in the past – serious ones
m: I know. But, also being noisy has lead to many issues in the past as well..serious ones.
e: oh yeah? so its better jews in america kept quiet about the holocaust?
m: The holocaust is different. I just don’t like to argue about something that could get me killed in a foreign country.

– and that last line stung. i had to read three times. foreign country? ouch.






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