– arrived monday night, instantly adapted and forgot americana.
– tuesday, received my bar ilan mail, became instantly depressed at the prospect of important documentation in hebrew. involving money. lots of it.
– still homeless, but i have great friends.
– everyone thinks my hebrew is better than i claim it is.
– wednesday, felt great after patiently dissecting the hebrew bar ilan papers on the bus on the way to bar ilan to see an apartment.
– felt depressed after apartment i was counting on turned out to be not something i want.
– sifting through www.homeless.co.il and texted a bunch of israelis in hebrew, one just texted back and im calling him about his cheapo apartment.
– just called him, my hebrew was flawless; more excited about that than maybe living with 3 masorti boys in a large cheap apartment that i will check out tomorrow.

how do u say rollercoaster in hebrew?






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