L update.

apartment: moved in to a cute 3 bedroom apt in the beginning of baka/talpiot with 2 girls, loving the atmosphere but i’m only subletting so ill be out by december looking for something else… again.
job: after getting a freelance job for a freelance writer, being a freelance writer, i received an even better offer from a company with a set salary and hours, flexible enough to go to school. i’m a marketing associate… pssh.
school: registered for Bar Ilan, starting oct 30, getting my classes sept 29.

so life is beginning to settle down and i’m scared to hell. the novelty of making aliyah is just about wearing out and i’m feeling the fact that it’s time to build a more settled type of life. but i dont feel so ready to settle. but i know i never will. it’s just hitting me hard i guess. i like my freedom. now i have a job with 15 paid vacation days. that’s it: 15 days to play for the next year. office life. rent. coworkers. electric bills. except, it’s not just for a summer or winter break this time. life isn’t measured in ‘semesters’ anymore. maybe this is coming to me really late, maybe everyone else is going through the same thing, maybe i’m not meant to be tied down or maybe this is how it starts, the rest of your life – but i’m – gasp – committing to something.

but for now, i’m busy and so i’m happy.






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