lizrael update: a timeline

get this sequence:
2 weeks ago, fed up with emailing 10 times a day to different employers i am not qualified to work for, i post my details on some israeli listserves and invite employers to ask for my cv if they are interested.

a week and a half ago, dvora bitcover, some freelance writer emails me, wants my freelance writing services for long term – part time job, not much pay, but a side thing, good for grad school.

the next day, i get an email from Gurunet that they are looking for a young, creative marketing associate, and i get the job after an interview and meeting with the ceo. great pay, 3/4th hours, good people skills expierence to look forward to.

today, after telling Gurunet when ill begin next week and dvora that i wont be working for her, i get a call: Peres Institute for Peace – an NGO, think tank, non profit organization for creating peace and conflict management between Arabs and Israelis in Israel and Palestinians… exactly what my degree is about, right?

so im going to an interview with them tomorrow. they want me to be an assistant to the director of International Relations, who mainly fundraises and deals with philanthropists – not too glamorous, but makes connections within the organization for me later on, right? eh, i dunno, i’m mainly going to the interview to make them fall in love with me so after i turn them down, they still remember me for later on… i dont wanna commit to such a lefty organization so early on in my mediation career. also id like to make some money right now and working for Gurunet will give me communication and people skills, like selling, that i will need for conflict management also.

amazing, right? when it rains it pours, right? my life is coming together out of nowhere, all of a sudden. i get back here with no place to live, no job prospects, scared of school… and here i am apartment, new friends and old friends who have proved themselves, job offers, grad school in 7 weeks, rebuilding some piece of myself from a time when i felt on top of the world, confident and brilliant…

so i’m feeling good these days.






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