hiking EXTREME!

Took a small tiyul from Mevasseret to Yerush by foot. On a scale of beginner to expert it was an Israeli beginner level. A couple of hours, mostly flat but very pretty. The goal was the Lifta, a small natural pool, and right before that we stopped and ate at the abandoned Arab houses -... Continue Reading →

Holy(land) crap.

so a bunch of us janglos were going out for a motzei shabbat romp in town, getting down, and we had a great night between Latin and Hip Hop.we were walking back to Yaffo street through the Russian compound. it was me, S, R, A, E, D, and J. out of nowhere, this drunk wild... Continue Reading →

geshem reeshon, first rain

It's a moderate rain on this first day of chol hamoed; maybe it's the leap year causing shemini atzeret to be later or maybe it's weather craziness everywhere. Religiously speaking, it doesn't bode well when it rains in Israel before we've prayed for it (shemini atzeret).


another note on the israeli shopping mall experience: walking through crowded Zara and noticing the many bored, tired men waiting for their girlfriends/wives/crushes - whether american yeshiva student, arse, or charedi...

three for three, a complete set

First part of Succot down, making this the beginning of the end of me having spent a full year in israel Shalosh-Regalim-wise.Recap: Last Pessach was in Mitzpe Netufa, up north, with crazy family; Last Shavuot was down south, Beer Sheva;and now I'll have a complete set, with succot in Jerusalem in the succah i built... Continue Reading →

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