the bigness of a dry erase board

hi dad,

so yesterday xxx came to my office and i let him in and he was very impressed by how ‘fancy’ and ‘serious’ it was, like an ‘american’ office… and the truth is, it resembles a nyc office to some extent… except that we are all wearing jeans…
anyways, he was also very impressed with my fancy high tech monitor and my own office, and my phone and my dry erase board, etc, etc and it reminded me of when i was little and you used to bring me to your office and i would be struck with awe at the ‘bigness’ of it and especially the dry erase board and colourful markers and i used to think you were so big and important and your office was filled with art of mine and stuff… and i guess i just started remembering all that and realizing now i’m big and i have my own dry erase board and it’s very scary and exciting.
i think that ‘bring your daughter to work day’ really paid off, even if i was embarrassed to tell my schoolmates where i had been because no one else’s parents were doing that stuff.

just thought i’d let you know.






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