Thanks family giving.

Hi family,

Just because I’m a bit far doesn’t mean Thanksgiving hasn’t been on my mind… It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays.

So just to update everyone, I’m working in creative marketing for which is based in Jerusalem and in the evenings I’m taking my courses in Conflict Managament and Negotiation (masters) near Tel Aviv. It’s a commute, but it’s worth it. I’m living in Jerusalem in a very pretty, quiet neighborhood.

I’m taking my first stab at making a turkey – Aaron found it and is here to help, which I am definitely – ahem – thankful for. It’s 7 kilo which is apparently 16 pounds. Also being prepared are: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing and apple crisp with the help of some American – and non American – friends. And we’re celebrating Friday night instead of tonight because some of us work late tonight.

I can say that I’m thankful for having a great job, doing an interesting grad course and living in an amazing country. I hope everything is well by you.

Happy holiday!






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