Game theory.

I left work early for the central bus station to get to school at a leisurely pace. Because of that, I was able to enjoy a stroll through the metal detectors and only a slight trot past the airport-security style bag scan. And to match my leisurely walking pace, my mind slowly wandered from class to Israeli security.

The metal detectors weren’t really plugged in today; the woman in from of me had gone through while on her phone. The girl behind the bag scan clearly wasn’t watching the screen.

As I waited for my bag to pass through, I thought: there could be a bomb anywhere in this three-floor mall/station – right now, and no one would know until it went off.

I let my own eyes scan the people walking in front of my gaze. Anywhere… In any bag, on any person. It’s amazing it hasn’t happened more often.

This game of living securely in Israel can be a dangerous one, but it isn’t too tricky. I think it’s about awareness. Scrutiny.

Exactly then, the station-wide loudspeaker brought me out of my head and blasted through my thoughts: “Everyone come down from the 3rd floor. There is a chefetz chashud. Please come down from the floor with the platforms.”

I don’t think about bombs everyday. We’re not really there right now. As I waited at the bottom of the stairs, behind the security guard and in front of about 100 impatient Israelis, all I could do was smile and think – awareness.

It’s the game we’re playing everyday here in Israel, aren’t we?

– Which is why we will never be able to follow the U.S. completely.

– Which is how we get to stay breathing.

Older woman behind me:

סכית קטנה עושה הרבה”

That about sums it up.






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