The unAmerican practice of sketch.

As of yesterday, I have embarked on a journey into the murky waters of the murky Israeli drivers bureau.

[Did you know? Israeli driving instructors are required to fail 50% of their testers every day.]

And there is a conspiracy theory that Israeli Anglos fail faster because the officials know that they will come back and do it again until they get their liscence, as not being able to drive for Anglos is unbearable… (same goes for Israeli Arabs, but it is actually not a theory; they actually fail most of the time, and it’s not because the bureau thinks it can make more money off of them, but because, well, do I have to spell it out?)

So I equipped myself with a recommended driving teacher, with a connection in the bureau who will test me and pass me… After paying a nice ammount of cash. Or, so I am told by a friend.

Me: “I heard that with you, I won’t fail.”
Teacher: (slight smirk) “Well, that depends on how you drive.”
-eyes lock-
I handed him my papers and hoped for the cheapest bribe… the friend shelled out 800 shekels by the end of the process…

In conclusion, I don’t know if that was stage 1 of the bribing process or it is only bribing when you actually pay. I’ve never done this before.

I’m American, dammit, not South African!






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