What goes around…

So the only person I could think of to give me kalla classes for taharat mishpacha in this country is a gemara and halacha teacher I had in high school who made aliyah about the same time as me last year.

In high school, she used to scold me for wearing skirts too low off my hips and dressing immodestly. I also think she wasn’t too keen on my practice of not practicing the gemara and studying the halacha we learned and thus scoring sub-par in the classes.

Now, I had to find her number and give her a call in order to ask her if she could be my teacher for the above mentioned topic of taharat mishpacha, family purity, something every Jewish bride is to learn (well) before she marries.

After I hung up the phone, with meetings planned, I thought how appropriate it is that this woman used to pinch up the backs of my skirts during finals to cover my exposed back, and now she’d be teaching me about keeping the sexual relations between me and my husband pure.

Well, at least I got to this point, didn’t I?






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