I can’t sleep; I’m in a weird mood of wondering what getting married is like. I’m wondering even moreso (since there’s not much I can do about the former) what it’s like to be at your own wedding.

I never dreamed of being a princess bride. When girl friends would talk about their dream weddings I’d either improvise something, say I want to get married in jeans and a t-shirt, or go on and on about how I think the concept of bridesmaids (mainly the dresses) is cruel.

Here I am, getting married, and actually being a part of my own wedding. Crazy. I see these pictures of me in something resembling a wedding dress (c’mon, you know I have to be different) and I can’t really think beyond how much I’m going to douse that thing in sweat come August 9th. Romantic, yes?

I guess I just want to have fun. My bestest friends are coming from 6,000 miles to celebrate with me; my family will be all together in Israel for the first time; I’ll be meeting my long distance in laws from across the world; all I want is to have a fun time for those two weeks when most of the most important people in my life will be surrounding me where I chose, and choose, to live (could be the last time, too).

I don’t think it takes much for me to have fun anyway. Hell, I entertain myself half the time. Even though I’m a bit skeptical of certain things and sad about how the past couple of months have gone, I have to say (with the risk of making myself vomit) that with the people I mentioned above flying to Israel, and the couple of people I truly care about in Israel sticking around, I should be a pretty happy party animal this summer.

And if I’m going to have enormous pit stains leaking through white lycra, might as well have fun with it, right?






  1. wen Avatar

    LOL. Nice post!

    And there’s nothing that goes better with white lycra than sweat!

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