All made up.

I went to the hair/make up lady for a trial today. It used to bug me that people seemed to revolve all the services for the wedding around how the photos would come out.

Then I thought of something. The wedding itself – like I have maintained – is just a party to announce what everyone already knows. It’s 6 hours that go by really fast, and most brides and grooms don’t remember it anyway.

So perhaps, then, what the photos really do is serve to remind the couple in 20 years that young, naive feeling, and maybe remind them of the romance throughout the marriage, maybe at times when they need a boost or reminder of young fun, ideals.

Maybe that’s why so many people never look at their albums again… Because they are too afraid to confront what they thought was going on back then, and the present state of where they let their affairs lie.






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    A little grim don’t you think…

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