How to be a poster child for the Anglo Singles' Aliyah Movement.

Here’s how to be a poster child for the Anglo Singles’ Aliyah Movement.
It goes with my theory that everything an Anglo needs to get married is located on the Emek Refaim strip.

Someone has to host the Friday night where you end up meeting him for the first time, or where the host realizes you guys would be a good idea; food provided by the Moshava Supermarket. Then you guys are reintroduced at Shir Chadash next week. He gets your number and takes you to Selena for a drink. It moves up a notch, and to any other fine Emek Refaim eatery. Repeat a multitude of times. You get engaged and do your wedding planning, including wedding dress, at Clair and Robert’s place. The sheva brachot are catered bt New Deli and Tal Bagels. So is the Brit Mila.






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