Praying for rockbottom…

I didn’t think weeks could get more stressful than last week. Then again, last week I didn’t think the week before could get anymore stressful. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but the point is, each week has been getting more stressful than the last, despite my thinking it couldn’t get worse. I don’t know if that made sense either.

The worst is that next week was looking so relaxing and now I’m realizing it can get worse and it probably will. Now that classes are over I have schoolwork to catch up on, a huge project at work going on that is just never-ending, (as fun as it is to make a movie!) and of course, that giant party-planning thing I have going on. Leaves little room for reflection or insight into where my life has come, where it is going, or even remembering to take my pills.

So here I am, praying for rockbottom, and I don’t mean the depression kind. Just the bottom of this endless planning-working-studying pit I’m falling deeper and deeper into, waiting for, as my Israeli friend put it: “the light at the end of the kennel.”






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