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Newly founded ‘Army of Suicide Bombers’ marches in Gaza
“About 100 veiled and heavily armed Palestinian women marched through the streets of Gaza city Tuesday. The militant women belong to a unit recently founded by the Popular Resistance Committees. The ‘Army of Suicidal Bombers,’ as it is dubbed, consists entirely of women. A message released by the PRC states that the objective of the new unit is to protect ‘Palestinian land.’”
(Phew, I thought they had given up on us, I mean, what kind of passion is that?)

Blair: Israel-Lebanon talks essential to end crisis

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday Israel and Lebanon must engage in talks immediately to bring an end to the violent crisis that erupted between the countries six days ago.
(Who’s going to explain to Mr. Blair that we’re fighting Hezbullah, a militant group of terrorists, and not Lebanon, a million-times-over fucked-up-the-ass European-wannabe country?)

Hizbullah rockets pound Israel
Israeli warplanes pounded Lebanese army barraks for a second day Tuesday, killing at least nine soldiers, Lebanese army sources said.
(So, I’m thinking, finally, CNN reports from Israel’s side for once. Then you click on that headline and get this headling and article: “Israel hits Lebanese army barraks, kills 9”. Oh well.)

Tel Aviv: Man killed in fall from Azrieli Towers
A man was killed when he fell from a high floor of Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Towers on Tuesday afternoon, ZAKA reported.
(Whoa! News that is totally unrelated to the war! Is it bad that I’m kinda relieved about it?)

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