'Very religious' people & me.

Me and ‘very religious’ people are not friends. Not today at least.

I’m sick of ‘very religious’ people telling me how to be, what to do, what I do wrong.

Especially when they pay double the price for their ‘most kosher’ food when really they are paying rabbis who force food producers to pay them off.

Especially when they make you go through all kinds of bureaucratic shit, like proving your Judaism or that your single, and then charge you 600 shekels to do that. When you’re forced to get married through their system in the first place.

Especially when no matter what kind of person you are – even as an observant Jew on some level – there is always something that you’re not doing. And so you’ll never be good enough.

I appreciate my religion on my own terms compromised with the traditions it holds sacred. Sure, I have dreams of a better religious observance. But at least I’m not a ‘very religious’ person comprised of beliefs in bullshit.

And you know what the worst is?
That a lot of ‘very religious’ people think that all this is kiruv.






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    michael haber

    so…when did you crawl up in my head and extract my feelings on judaism?

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