the Simpler life.

Back to work in the morning. So hard to go back after all this ‘vacation’ of getting married. I feel it’s a bit of a fresh start for me there. I didn’t realize until after the wedding how much that stress had affected me at work these past few months.

Let’s face it: I have a great job by American standards, nevermind Israeli standards.

I was reading an old article in an old New Yorker about happiness today. Someone said that the less choices you have, the easier it is to be happy (hence, New Yorkers being mostly miserable). In Israel, like many places outside the States, you have less choices – about where to shop, what to buy, job opportunities, opportunities in general.

Maybe that’s a major appeal to me. I can definitely be indecisive at times (or am I?) so I think the narrowing of choices is a big help for me living a simpler, happier life. And as more time goes by living outside New York, I realize more and more how much I wouldn’t fit in now.

Except the shopping… sigh. The glorious New York shopping.

Well, I said I was indecisive…






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