Up and down.

It always lingers in the air; it's the black hole of the aliyah process:Yeridah.Returning to the motherland from where we came; financial reasons, social reasons, relationship reasons... It lingers over all of us. Lately, it seems the lingering has become more of a hovering, which seems to be really weighing in on quite a few... Continue Reading →

NYC photo of the day. Yeah, anotha one.

It's time for NYC photo of the day... again.Brought to you by... the Empire State Building.It was the first building to have more than 100 floors.On May 1, 2006, The Empire State Building celebrated its 75th birthday.In the Transformers, the Empire State Building is stolen by the Decepticons and modified to resemble a building similar... Continue Reading →

Shachar's last laugh (6) – 2006.

In case this is the first of the Israel series you've encountered, here's an opportunity to read everything before it; it's actually the first draft of the sixth (and probably final) entry of this series. Israel (2003) Jerusalem (2003) Modi'in (2003) Tayelet (2003) Israeli (2005) ---------------------------- Shachar's last laugh. The hard part; or at least,... Continue Reading →

NYC photo of the day.

It's time for NYC photo of the day......hailing all the way from the weekend of my anticipated return,(anticipated by me):I love this picture because it so gets the point, you know?

Being double.

So, it was brought to my attention this past week - quite a few times - that I am a dual citizen. Being a dual citizen is fun, you get to have two identities. At least, two more than all the other ones you have from other various circumstances. As far as my dual citizenship:>... Continue Reading →

Cheese please.

Take a break from yer hummus and swap it for some cheese; read the following heartwarming story I received in my email today. I guess you could say I have a soft spot for weddings working out against odds. ------------- This story comes from Bracha Jaffe in Ra'anana: My husband David called me up a... Continue Reading →

Business class.

Last week, you couldn't have caught me if you tried...(NY -> Houston)(NY -> D.C.)(Leaving D.C.)(NYC -> Long Island)(One of the many centers of the universe)

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