Let's talk about… (part 2)

After almost a month of trying it out, and despite enthusiastic encouragement from some, I have decided that covering my hair, at this time, is not feeling in harmony with myself.

I think the biggest thing about it that is disturbing me is the feeling that I am being judged right away, according to the head covering, without a chance to find out that I am not a stereotype of what the head covering usually means. I know that initially this was the point – to for everyone to know that I am a Married Jewish woman, but I’m feeling a bit misrepresented and if I have to keep explaining to people why I’m doing it, (considering the way I’m usually dressed otherwise) I’m starting to feel like my reasoning is a bit pointless.

In addition to that, I think easing from being unmarried to married requires a bit more time… Sure, a 6-month engagement is plenty, but I don’t like the thought of the first thing a person realizes when they see me is that I’m married. Marriage does not define me, especially being newly married, and I’m not ready to let it. To me, it is a private thing between me and the guy I married, not everyone else who sees me on the street. So maybe I’m ready to commit to one guy, but not ready to commit to everyone else knowing my business right away.

As I am still finding out where my true religious strength lies, and I am so young at the marriage thing, I think this is not the right time for me to explore this avenue of symbolism.

…and now for a funky haircut.

(deal with it)






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