Me and HaDag Nahash are not the same.

My friend is moving to Tel Aviv (sad).

I’m still trying to understand Tel Aviv, I really am. I encounter it every so often and recognize that it is it’s own culture, but I do not encounter it enough to truly absorb and comprehend.

This is a list of all I ever need to do in Tel Aviv:

· Deal with Minhal HaStudentim (Student Authority)

· Go to the beach (weather-permitting)

· Do better shopping than in Jerusalem

· Use it as a stopover when going to my cousins in Holon

Things I know about Tel Aviv:

· It’s humid

· It’s busy

· It’s not so religious (?)

· It’s where embassies are

· It gives me that post-city dirty feeling I get from a day in Manhattan

Feel free to enlighten me. I’m open and willing.






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