The evils of kugel – who knew?

Apparently, people are unsure whether this is a joke or not:

Hmm… I’m glad there are people out there worried enough about the evils of traditional Shabbat foods to hunt them down and make them assur

A quick explanation –

It’s a notice hung up somewhere about how Yerushalmi kugel is now considered forbidden for your eating pleasure on Shabbat. It notes five reasons:

1. The noodles look like worms, which are forbidden to eat, and might be confused.
2. The kugel might be served so hot that it would cook liquids on your plate on Shabbat; cooking is prohibited on Shabbat.
3. It looks like pizza. I don’t get it either.
4. There may have been bugs in the flour it was cooked with – see #1.
5. The luscious smell of the kugel might disturb your prayers.

For more, and a fuller explanation, see it all here.