Anglo love, support & perspective.

Hmm. I have been harsher than usual to my sub-people, the Anglo Israelis.
To make up for it, I’m posting a comment made to my Jumping in post on the Israelity edition. I’ve been getting support and perspective from different sources since that post… But this one totally threw me off:

“Be proud that English is your mother tongue and that you are an “Anglo”.

It is the language that political freedom was written in – the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution – the greatest political document ever written and the only reason that individual rights became concrete realities.

English was the language of Cromwell who broke the back of monarchy in the world and allowed Jews back into England btw.

English was the language of the nations that led and defeated the Soviet Union [United States and Britain – Nixon-Reagan and Thatcher] enabling the immigration of Jews to Israel.

So while you do what so many “Anglo-Jews” decide against – learning Hebrew and making aliyah – speak your Hebrew as a proud Anglo, as a proud English speaker, and stop being a “self-hating….”, it is uneccessary.

Have you ever considered that perhaps the Israelis that look upon your with scorn are actually envious that you ARE fully conversant in your mother tongue. That most wonderful and rich language called English.”

Thanks for the perspective, David.






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