'Tis the season.

Like back in the old country, the Israeli shopping centers are gearing up for the oncoming holiday season (it's just minus all the green and red).Get ready to light up, folks.

Art show opening in Jerusalem.

Joy Langer's art show:A chance to see some incredibly original art;A chance to meet a friendly, experienced artist;A pretty cool down-to-earth place to take a date;Something to do on a lazy Friday afternoon...Here are the details:Joy Langer Putting The Pieces Together Opening Reception Friday December 1st, 2006, 12:30pm Closing Date: 27.12.06 Liquid Roots, acrylic and... Continue Reading →

Strike too.

Today, on strike day: two, the paper said that the government employees are striking because they haven't been paid - in one month, three, and even twelve.Well, that sucks, and I'd strike too.Which means one painfully, frustratingly obvious thing:The government is SELFISH. And it can be as socialist as it wants, but it's not very... Continue Reading →

Social pressure.

I am not at Misrad Klita (Absorption office) right now.Everyone with a government paycheck is on strike.Why?Because now they have to bank (and get screwed) like the rest of us.SELFISH!I get it's a socialist country, but it doesn't seem very social that we, the people, should get screwed both ways.

Caring for the kalba.

I never had a dog in America. I don't know what the vet experience is like back there.But, not surprisingly, the vet experience here is very... Israeli. I just get this feeling that the same laid-back attitude that pervades all other areas of life (especially government offices) is not absent within the walls of the... Continue Reading →

Food colouring.

Thanksgiving Day ranks as one of my top favorite holidays. Nothing to do with thanks or meaning or scalping Pilgrims. It has to do with... food. Glorious food. And here it is, homemade today: Perhaps that is why I continue to celebrate, even from thousands of miles away.

The students strike.

I'm not sure how far the news has traveled surrounding the university tuition increases in the face of the university budget decreases. I suppose if you are not an Israeli university student, the news wouldn't particularly interest you.The state of university education is becoming more and more dismal here in the state of Israel. Universities... Continue Reading →

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