The students strike.

I’m not sure how far the news has traveled surrounding the university tuition increases in the face of the university budget decreases. I suppose if you are not an Israeli university student, the news wouldn’t particularly interest you.

The state of university education is becoming more and more dismal here in the state of Israel. Universities can’t afford to higher more professors, renovate and build on campus, and soon they will be giving us major tuition hikes. For a socialist-modeled country like this, where taxes are vast, salaries are low and loans are heavily-interested, students (nevermind their parents) are finding it more and more difficult to thrive.

Here is some of what went on today:
On another note, this afternoon did bring me back to my American university days, when protests and rallies were popular, real and often and I was very involved in many of them.

Although, I’ll admit, we never handed out Krembo ice creams and shouted into the louspeaker: “Quick! Get all the ice cream now, before we can’t afford to give you anymore! Hurry!”







Whadya got: