My TV and me.

Since cable TV magically started channeling through to our apartment (not so magic, really; we just hooked up the TV and there it was) we’ve begun to morph into couch potatoes, Israeli style. The usual American TV-show suspects (Friends, Seinfeld) repeat way too often (you’ll see the same episode aired four times in 48 hours) so we accepted TV as a form of klita.

Actually, it’s a preferred form of cultural absorption. There are Hebrew subtitles for Hebrew programming (proves that it’s an immigrant-based country)* and with the volume up loud enough, I’m cracking up with the rest of the country.

Here’s what’s been on my screen lately:

Adi Ashkenazi: Ma HaShtuyot HaEleh? (מה השטיות האלה, What stupidity is this?)

This girl cracks me up. Every episode is just her looking at an aspect of life, Israeli society, and examining it from up close: part on-stage stand up, part actually going out there and exploring. It’s a bit like a reality-Seinfeld show, with a funky, spunky, loud female.

Eretz Nehederet (ארץ נהדרת, It’s a wonderful country)

Israel’s version of Saturday Night Live, except this one is still hilarious. Friday night, everyone (barring strict Shabbat observers, of course) is watching this. You can get the clips online, post-airtime, from the keshet-tv website (IE only).

Uri Geller: HaYoresh (היורש, The Heir)

If you don’t know about the 70s magician star-turned-reject Uri Geller, read up; then watch his new comeback show, which is more to laugh at than be awed by.
(If you’re interested, here’s a video by his arch enemy, James Randi, who makes it his business to debunk Geller.)

*I’m told it’s also done for the benefit of the deaf and hearing impaired, possibly from all the wars citizens have been involved in.






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    Adi Ashkanazi rocks.

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