What is NOT a cease-fire.

Does anyone hear something wrong with this Jerusalem Post headline from yesterday?

Palestinians: Israeli attacks on Kassams ‘will end cease-fire’

Guys? Do you call continuous launching Kassams over the border to the Negev a cease-fire? What about the two seriously injured teenage boys who couldn’t get to a shelter in time on Tuesday? Is that a cease-fire? I don’t speak Arabic all that well, but I have to say, in any language, lobbing Kassam rockets over your border to the next door country you hate with all your passion is not keeping a cease-fire.

So… Israeli attacks on Kassams is not ending the cease-fire; that’s already ended. It’s called retaliation.







  1. Resident Traveler Avatar
    Resident Traveler

    If only that were the first (or the four zillion and first) time Palestinians have said something inherently ridiculous. There’s something about logic that really scares these people..

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