A clockwork smartness.

"It's always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you're going." Anthony BurgessThat's Answers.com's quote for today and, at the moment, pertinent for me. Yesterday we attended a Shabbat meal that spurred a conversation - like most conversations these days - about... Continue Reading →

City feature: Herzliyah Pituach

Feeling a pitzy homesick. Departing from New York tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, I'll reminisce over summer 2004, before I made aliyah, when I spent 2 months living in Herziliyah Patuach, a gorgeous coastal city between Tel Aviv and Netanya.  

Acceptable for all ages.

I call it: Early SkepticismI'm wanting to express my religious frustrations but haven't yet found the words, so this early photo expresses enough... The dual-feeling, the creeping skepticism, the blind acceptance, the sigh that wins over at the end of the day.Ok, fine, it was just a first-grade siddur party. But I do look a... Continue Reading →

Deliberate this.

I'm not a particularly nice person. And certainly not always thoughtful, either.But I guess leaving New York and living in Jerusalem for two years has ingrained in me a greater sense of respect; at least, respect that transfers from words to actions.So that's why I was stunned when an old guy got on the semi-packed... Continue Reading →

…But money can buy morale.

I'm in New York. I found a two-way ticket for $499. Actually, the ticket found me, and just in time.No shock that I've been feeling jaded and weary lately. I don't know if it's aliyah fatigue or general Israeli fatigue. It's not easy living here, even if you do have food to eat and unpaid... Continue Reading →

Fire power.

Today we had one of those office moments when the whole staff has to join together in the lunchroom for a corporate-sponsored education session. The topic this time was: how to use a fire extinguisher (in case of a smaller fire).And all I want to note is that it seems Israelis just want to do... Continue Reading →

A belabored love song.

Are we falling out of love?Remember in the beginning: it was so lovely; every moment was a gift, a lesson, a pleasure. That's what it was, you and me, pleasuring each other constantly.And then we normalized, you and I, our relationship matured and we felt strong in our solid state.Something happened, though; maybe I forgot... Continue Reading →

City feature: Sfat

I've never spent an extended period in Sfat, which is likely to be a holier city than Jerusalem and warrants more time-spending. The amount of time I spent there allowed me these shots, however:

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