Fire power.

Today we had one of those office moments when the whole staff has to join together in the lunchroom for a corporate-sponsored education session. The topic this time was: how to use a fire extinguisher (in case of a smaller fire).

And all I want to note is that it seems Israelis just want to do everything they possibly can to put out the fire before calling the trucks. Use the smaller extinguisher. Use the bigger extinguisher. Use this and that, turn on the sprinklers, look for the hose; after all, chaval al hakesef (a shame about the wasted money).

I just get the feeling that in America, we were always told, AHHHH! FIRE! CALL 911! NOW! RUN! STOP DROP AND ROLL!






3 responses to “Fire power.”

  1. IsraLuv Avatar

    how amazing that the company didnt practice a fire drill rather had a session on how to “put out a fire without the help of professionals”.
    maybe this is why the country has dinky looking firetrucks. no need- all the macho men can put out a fire.

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  3. Lori Avatar

    Fire is such a strong adversary that most people are often defeated, left only with nothing but painful memories. Knowledge and preparation is one’s most effective weapons against fires. Knowledge is part of the process. A fire drill would be in order too. Lori

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