Today's word: kora'at b'tachat.

Today's word is brought to you by Amnon, a cheeky classmate (translated from Hebrew). Me: Were you in class this morning? Amnon: You could say that. Me: Did she say anything about the paper? Amnon: She said a lot of things about the paper. You want to know what we need to do? Me: Yeah,... Continue Reading →

The ordinary citizens of Israel.

I once wrote about the difference between Americans and Israelis when it comes to putting out office fires. Now I have the chance to write about Americans and Israelis in the situation of a roadside car fire. I know, right? On the way home from the North, I was jolted out of my sleep on... Continue Reading →

Sderot challot.

I should have posted this earlier so you could have done it too - but - an Anglo from Efrat started placing orders for challot from Sderot bakers to help support the city's abandoned economy. His social action project - a part of his bigger organization, Standing Together - grew over the weeks, and challot,... Continue Reading →

Seeing rainbows.

My friend put it this way: The Gay Pride Parade held today in Jerusalem worked out well, since it was so Jerusalem. What makes it Jerusalem? The quiet chill, the relaxed togetherness of the marchers? The modest expression of pride? Whatever it is, it was, without a violent protester in sight (although there were some... Continue Reading →

Animal rights in Israel.

While I'm sure there are a thousand other things Knesset could be busy with (apparently something like 70% of their passed laws are not implemented or enforced), here's a change... Import of animal-tested cosmetics to be banned Education, Culture, Sports Committee pass bill banning import, marketing of animal-tested cosmetics, detergents, to be implemented by 2009.... Continue Reading →

From the mouths of foreigners.

My brother works for an office of the... let's just say Israeli persuasion. Here he expresses what so many of us Anglo olim think everyday.Preach it, brother:“This office needs to stop thinking Israeli. Literally everyday we have conversations about how we need to change the office, but we never do. It’s all patchwork and we... Continue Reading →

Presidential charity and the forever loser.

Ahh, Shimmy. You're the newest - and ninth - President of Israel.But even when you win, you don't win.(The other candidates bowed out as Peres was only 3 Knesset votes shy of the necessary majority. The man who has served the government of Israel probably more than any other person since 1948 has still never... Continue Reading →

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