Today's word: kora'at b'tachat.

Today’s word is brought to you by Amnon, a cheeky classmate (translated from Hebrew).

Me: Were you in class this morning?

Amnon: You could say that.

Me: Did she say anything about the paper?

Amnon: She said a lot of things about the paper. You want to know what we need to do?

Me: Yeah, thanks.

Amnon: It should be 15-20 pages.

Me: Ok…

Amnon: You have to take a text – and by text she means a full book I think…

Me: Ok…

Amnon: And then choose 2 or 6 points to discuss.

Me: Ok…

Amnon: Take 6 of the philosophers we studied this year and write what they would say to each point…

Me: Oh, man…

Amnon: And that’s what we Hebrew-speakers call, kora’at b’tachat.






  1. slatch Avatar

    Ooopps ! it is always difficult to elaborates different philosophers theory for same topics.

  2. Sofia Avatar

    lovely, hahaha

    Isn`t the cyberspace the crazyest thing ever, greetings sofia

  3. Sofia Avatar

    Anyway, let`s pray to Adonaj for the peace of Jerusalem


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