From the mouths of foreigners.

My brother works for an office of the… let’s just say Israeli persuasion. Here he expresses what so many of us Anglo olim think everyday.

Preach it, brother:

“This office needs to stop thinking Israeli. Literally everyday we have conversations about how we need to change the office, but we never do. It’s all patchwork and we need complete revision.

I talk to everyone about it. Right now I’m trying to start a revolution in the programs department… I’m drafting a letter to send to the US offices just so that we can be in touch. Getting in touch with Israel is hard enough. I wanna organize a conference call across all the US offices just to talk about current programs and events to open up lines of communication.

Cuz we have to be organized if we ever want to change the Israel office for the better.

And this is only the program center. I can’t even imagine how messed up aliyah is…

…It’s scary to think how this is a microcosm of Israel.”






  1. Anonymous Avatar

    You are such a negative person.
    Why do I bother reading you? Better yet, why the fuck do you still live in Israel, you superior gringo?

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