Where we go after we graduate…

It’s incredible (and maybe disturbing) how the older we get, the more we lose control of our memories. There are more memories constantly being made; we don’t realize it until much later on, and by then we’ve lost control over so many more from way before.

For dinner, I joined a group of Binghamton alumni ranging in graduations from the 60s to last semester. What a trip; most of all because I haven’t stepped foot on campus in 3 years and it seems like a lifetime, considering so much has changed (apparently).

Just by being there and listening to younger alumni talk made me realize how much I’ve forgotten about this ‘past life’. University life. College campus. T.A. Journalism. Israel Action Committee. R.A. Political science. Controversy. The decision to make aliyah…

That chapter is so completely closed in my mind. It’s even dusty. Is 3 years such a long time? Or have I done so much in that time that the memories have been buried under new ones?






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