The date I'll never forget.

We’re not the types for anniversaries but this one begs to be recognized, as we did mutually choose to get married on Tu B’Av. Which is lucky because if we hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t remember.

We’ve been married a year (technically tomorrow at around 7 or so) and they say that the first year is the most challenging. Somehow, I don’t believe that.

I think that while the first year has the potential for being the most challenging (it comes with its share of firsts), it’s also the dreamiest and the furthest removed from 100% responsibility. I don’t mean that in the parents-paying-your-rent kind of way. It’s just that, everyone around you seems to care during your first year, seems to offer advice and wisdom and good will during your first year.

I’m not worried, though. I feel very lucky. We’re people who dream big but are also entertained by the smallest things. I just hope it always stays that way; I think that’s just the key.

To kick off the second year, we went to a sushi restaurant in town to delve into a first I’m still exploring from about a few months ago, which is a growing liking of sushi. If raw fish wrapped in seaweed can be an omen of good things in the year to come, well, we’ll take that. As I said, entertained by the smallest things…






  1. amechad Avatar

    Happy Anniversary.

    Aww, no more honey on your challah?

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Haha… We gave up on that a while ago, the honey got hard and gross…

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