The truth about milk and honey.

Fear not; I will be the first to admit my last post was utter and total crap. Milk and honey? It sounded nice but I don’t feel it.

Here’s the truth: Israel has made me a crappy Jew and an even crappier Zionist.

I don’t really have those initial oleh-chadash-feel-good-moments anymore. I don’t even miss them. Instead, I’ll be riding a bus, watching an oleh-chadash hippie hopeful walking out of Misrad HaPnim and I’ll get annoyed. I’ll be in a taxi and the driver hears my accent and he tries to overcharge me. I peer over at Arabs standing next to me in a Talpiot store and I’ll think about how much they probably hate me.

I’d like to write about it more, to explain ‘the truth’ above, but now is not the time. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

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  1. Now you’re really Israeli.

    It’s important to be realistic and get past our mythic image of this country. Only with a realistic (and, ok, cynical, too) view of Israel can we change it.

    In fact — and this is a larger issue — I really think the mythic Disneyland image created of Israel in the Diaspora (from the synagogue – regardless of denomination – to the hasbara/”advocacy” group) really hurts Israel as it doesn’t reflect the real Israel – both the good and bad.

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