Zara gets classy at Malkha Mall.

As zealous Malkha shoppers may know, Zara shut down a few months ago for renovations. The trendy, classy, expensive store has reopened, even trendier and more expensive than before. And with its new store come new store windows, decked out with the classiest mannequins.

And I mean, classy mannequins:
So classy. So very, very classy; wait – did you catch what the respectable gentleman holds in his classy hand?
Indeed, the fine mannequins of Zara read the Jerusalem Post.






  1. עם אחד Avatar
    עם אחד

    Only tourists read the Post and they are rich?

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Poor tourists. Poor Zara mannequins.

  3. britishyosef Avatar

    Your flickr makes so much more sense after reading the blog!

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