Back to – what?

Remember when I said I was taking my last final ever?

Kidding! I’m going back to school. A couple more teachers, a few more books. Lots and lots more dirty looks… at my disappointing experience studying at Bar Ilan University.

In the end of August I decided to switch from the thesis track to the internship track and finish my degree by summer 2008 instead of indefinitely. That’s the goal, anyway. I’m looking forward to a more ‘hands-on’ experience and a lot less procrastinating.

And to kick me right back into the school-year spirit, today I found this article in my inbox:

University heads, faculty threaten strike over funds dispute

Ah, yes. It’s all coming back. Here’s to another (and, really, my last) academic, year-long nightmare attending BIU.





Whadya got: