fresh food

Homemade kreplach, courtesy of husband.

Never again can I declare that I never win anything. Somehow I won the biggest contest there is and life has never tasted so good.

My husband is right now making kreplach, home food he’s been missing since he left Australia. He’s the type to miss a dish and then think to himself, well, why don’t I just make it? Me, I miss a dish, marry a guy who likes to cook and hint strongly. He’s a doer. That’s why we keep him.

Here’s the tasty outcome:

Here’s the kreplach recipe he used. B’teavon!

Dough: 1 egg, 1/3 cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, about 2 cups of flour.

Meat filling: 150-200 grams of ground beef, 2 spoons of oil, 1 big onion, salt, black pepper.

~ Put egg, water, salt in a bowl and add flour. Mix into dough, starting with wooden spoon and then by hand.

~ Finely chop the onion and put in a pot over flame. Add oil and fry until the onions brown. Add the beef. Lightly cook for 5 minutes or when the colour changes. Add salt and pepper.

~ Put flour on the base you’re working on and roll out the dough on the flour to a height of approximately 2 millimeters. Make circles from the dough with the mouth of the cup.

kreplach ready for boil










~ Take small spoonfuls of the meat mixture and put in the center of the
dough circles. Fold the circle in half and press the two ends together to create a tight closing along the seam. Take the two end corners and bring towards the back of the half circle (the straight side) and press together.

~ Place the kreplach in boiling water (with oil, salt and pepper) for fifteen minutes. Remove and let cool. A word from the chef: It’s easy enough to do, just time consuming. Make a big batch and freeze what you don’t need. 

P.S. The cookbook he used is a Hebrew charedi Shabbos collection. I think it’s funny that it assumes a woman is making the recipes, according to how its worded. Clearly, its authors have not met the two of us.