I'm no Bar Rafaeli, but…

As is known, I work for an American (Israeli) hi tech Internet company. Thanks to Dapper, (another American (Israeli) hi tech Internet company) we’ve been dabbling in creating Facebook applications as a word-of-mouth marketing tool.

Last week I got messaged from a guy who was interested in interviewing me for an article he was writing on Facebook app developers. I said, sure, of course – I used to be a journalist and I revel in giving journalists what they want. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me to ask which paper; I work in marketing and I guess I’m used to pitching by now.

After we finished, he casually mentioned it was going in Globes. Globes! That’s only the fanciest high profile financial business paper ’round these parts…

Today, I got a call from the photographer who wanted to come take my picture for the article. The whole thing was a trip because I used to be the one asking the questions and taking pictures.

I’ve been interviewed for articles before though. This was especially fun because I got to do the photog chatter in Hebrew. The photographer was actually the antithesis of pushy Israeli photojournalist. I posed and probably look incredibly dorky in the photos, but then again, see the second paragraph of this post.

The article is supposedly coming out for the weekend paper (Thursday/Friday). We’ll see how it comes out.





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