Polite/funny/logical Israeli building notice?!

I got this forwarded to me the other day and I felt it was important to share this ‘holiday season’ of giving.

fun building notice

In case you don’t read Hebrew, here’s the gist:

On Saturday night I’m having a small party on the roof.

It might be a bit noisy (until the acceptable hour) so right before the accusatory finger gets pointed my way and the cops are dialed, please stop and consider how many times I have helped you change a light bulb, hang your plasma TV, brought down closets and had an extra cup of sugar to lend…

I think that for most people that complain about loud music, the problem is really that the music doesn’t go with your personal taste. So I’m opening it up for you to list the songs/singers/bands that you like and I will make sure to play them.

Not bad, eh? Might want to try that next time you have a party.





  1. fgimf Avatar

    Are you kidding me? I can read hebrew!

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