King Gaydamak of Jerusalem.

Charity is good and all, and everyone likes a nice project now and again. But this is going a little far for a hobby, right? Walking through the streets of Jerusalem, I turn my head and see the giant face of Arkadi Gaydamak:

Gaydamak in Jerusalem

I guess it’s unnerving because no one really knows what the Russian-Israeli billionaire’s ultimate plan is; no one is that rich without an agenda, right?

In this advertisement, posted on the side of a Jerusalem Egged bus:

Jerusalem, you deserve more.

The new Bikur Holim Hospital: With faces to the future.

Gaydamak reaches beyond Jerusalem to Sderot, where now he is apparently investing 90 million shekel in fortifying the beleaguered city. Again, I think billionaires pretending to be Robin Hood is noble… And maybe I’m misled by Russian stereotypes…






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  2. Brother Avatar

    There are many who are watching Gaydamak. As all the pieces move into place now , just a chain of events predestined and ordained to come that will be fulfilled in the last days prophecy of Jerusalem and the world…Heads will roll..And the finale curtain begins to revail the true idenity this man and his intentions.

    2008 is a key year. Like a great tapstry being woven the picture gets plainer..

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