Note to Israelis: This is what a Kiddush Hashem looks like.

This is dedicated to Israelis of many stripes – mainly the inattentive who go global traveling and give Israel a bad name, the fanatically religious who give Judaism a crazy name, and the extreme outback settlers who give Zionism a psycho name.

There is a better way to be a light unto nations or to attempt tikun olam… And it doesn’t have to involve literature or land. It involves an outlook and dedication that is purely positive, energetic, creative and inspirational.

This Lubavitcher guy from Crown Heights totally gets it and fulfills it within an inner city public school, in a made-for-television story:

If we were all as composed and modest as this dude, Israel and Judaism would hold very different powers.





  1. my sad alter ego Avatar

    Thanks for this one.

  2. bdarfler Avatar

    I’ve heard about this guy, but I didn’t know his crazy background. What a great story.

  3. Miss Worldwide Avatar

    aaah this is so amazing and inspiring! What a beautiful story. It really made my day. Thank you!

  4. Yehuda Avatar

    Fantastic find. Thanks,

  5. Gila Avatar

    I was actually tearing up at the end. Thanks for sharing!

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