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  • The magic of being bilingual.

    On the way to gan this morning, Koala spotted a firetruck on the road. Obviously, this made his morning, and for the rest of the way cried out in excitement, “Fire truck! Fire truck woke up! Fire truck is here!” He was still talking about it as we walked up to the gan door, so […]

  • Teaching tech, by Israelis.

    Came across this post from TechCrunch and thought it was only fair to share, considering my thoughts on Israeli education a few days ago: Israel’s Time To Know Aims To Revolutionize The Classroom This is the story of Time To Know, an enigmatic Israeli startup that has somehow managed to remain under the radar of Israel’s […]

  • The Jewish State of education.

    I feel a parental rite of passage has been reached tonight: next year’s daycare decisions. And so I begin the rant that I know others have had and yet here I am, new parent, new experiences, joining the fray. Someone explain this to me: This is a family-friendly country. Walk anywhere and easily spot a […]

  • I need to be schooled.

    Today we volunteered at a ‘shuk kach-ten’ – kind of a giant yard sale where you bring junk and take other people’s junk. It was at the elementary school in Tzur Hadassah. It was also the first time I have entered an Israeli school while it was in session. Kids running everywhere. Not unlike my […]

  • Note to Israelis: This is what a Kiddush Hashem looks like.

    This is dedicated to Israelis of many stripes – mainly the inattentive who go global traveling and give Israel a bad name, the fanatically religious who give Judaism a crazy name, and the extreme outback settlers who give Zionism a psycho name. There is a better way to be a light unto nations or to […]

  • They may take my student card, but they'll never take my curiousity.

    It occurred to me today – in the fifth week of my third and final year – that Bar Ilan won’t always be a part of my life. Ok, allow me to rephrase: I won’t always be a registered student. The only time I haven’t been a registered student – since the early 80s – […]

  • Learn to read in Hebrew for free.

    UPDATE (2011): Found another excellent resource for learning Hebrew online for free… I just came across the website of the National Jewish Outreach Program, which I’ve never heard of before. It seems like a great resource though, for North American Jews who want to become more affiliated and educated in their Judaism. What caught my […]