Teaching tech, by Israelis.

Came across this post from TechCrunch and thought it was only fair to share, considering my thoughts on Israeli education a few days ago:

Israel’s Time To Know Aims To Revolutionize The Classroom

This is the story of Time To Know, an enigmatic Israeli startup that has somehow managed to remain under the radar of Israel’s tightly knit startup scene…

…The basic thesis Time To Know is operating under is that today’s current classroom is following a teaching paradigm designed in the industrial age, i.e., a teacher standing in front of a class, a blackboard on the wall and students at their desks. Think of it this way… Imagine time warping a teacher from the 1800’s and implanting her in a classroom in 2010. She could basically hit the ground running with little to no adjustment in teaching style. Quite scary when you think about it.

And what TimeToKnow is about:

Time To Know’s breakthrough solution, created for one-to-one computing classrooms, includes an interactive core curriculum aligned to your state’s standards and a powerful digital teaching platform with robust teaching and learning tools.

Time to Know’s proven solution empowers students toward greater achievement and deeper learning.

Whether the idea can be successful is a healthy debate… But what we all have to admit is technology geared towards more effective teaching, learning, education – that’s a good start. Now that’s the kind of thing I would have expected.

Are my expectations too high? Not for the private sector.

Go hi tech!





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  2. Hobie Swan Avatar

    I had the pleasure of visiting an “under-performing, low-income” high school in New York City a couple of years ago. Tenth graders at the school were turning some heads for the way they had changed expectations. Thanks to a couple of inspiring teachers and a software program based on mind mapping,kids at this school were starting to succeed academically. Mind mapping is a process that moves kids away from rote learning and toward real thinking. Mapping is all about understanding how chunks of information fit together. Once they started using mind map software, the kids were able to step back, look at broader concepts, and start to see how information fit together. This is a rare and precious skill.

    I’d encourage those of you who want to create the critical thinkers of the future to check out this kind of software. A good place to start is http://www.conceptdraw.com/csnews_online/1/visualization.html.

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