Israeli Pet Peeve #127: Wrong number.

I have never experienced this anywhere in my life but here with my Israeli mobile number:

*Ring ring*

Me: “Hello?”

Israeli caller: “Hello?”

Me: “…hello?”

Israeli caller: “Hila?”

Me: “No, must be a wrong number…” (about to hang up)

Israeli caller: “Who is this?”

Me: “What’s the difference?”

Israeli caller: “Hila?”

Me: “No. Wrong number.”

Israeli caller: “Who is this?”

Me: “Not Hila.”

Israeli caller: “Who the hell are you?”

Me: *click…*

It is RIDICULOUS that I have to justify who I am when someone else called a wrong number. And they perseverate and perseverate, wasting their own time in getting irrationally angry at me for not being who they want while wasting their cell phone bills.

And this is across the board; most wrong numbers I get go exactly the way I’ve transcribed it above. Once I had an Anglo call a wrong number and that was totally different. It’s like the elevator thing. I really don’t understand it – wait, hold on one second, my phone is ringing –

*ring ring*

Me: “Hello?”

Israeli caller: “Hila?”

Me: “Still wrong number.”

Israeli caller: “Who is this?”

Me: “For the love of god…”







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  1. Benji Avatar

    I thought I commented on this this morning but since apparently I didn’t….this is exasperatingly hilarious. I’m sorry, anyone who does that is a moron. How can cultural differences possibly justify that?

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