The Israeli rabies experience.

Well, now I know what it's like to wonder if you have rabies from a stray cat... in Israel. Last night, hanging out in the hood, a small kitten - probably two months old - ran into our friends' house and after several other attempts, we were resorted to chasing it into corners, until it... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Shalit.

Today is two years from the day that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas on the Israeli border during non-war time. There will be a rally held outside the Prime Minister's residence in Kikar Paris in Jerusalem, from 7-9pm. All day I've been reading Facebook status updates and Twitter messages from people who are waiting... Continue Reading →

Katamon drama: Not just for new olim anymore.

I've come to respect homemade Israeli television. It's creative, it's bizarre, it's actually pretty good sometimes. Hey, there's a reason why Jews rule Hollywood, right? Here's the latest from Yes, coming to a televisia near you: סרוגים (as in, kippa sruga, or the yarmulke associated with the dati-leumi universe), a drama about the religious dating... Continue Reading →

A slice of weekend life 'round here.

It's Sunday today, which really means it's Monday - aka, the beginning of the work week - aka, I miss the weekend already. Here's a slice of my weekend so we can all treasure it together and breathe through to next Shabbat:

You think *this* blog is cool?

Check this out: Shin.Tech Blogs It's a site put together by the Shin Bet (also known as the Shabak), Israel's general security service (like the American FBI). It follows the blogs of four agents who remain anonymous but talk about different angles of their service: י' - המוח הטכנולוגי 'Yud' The technological mind; ח' -... Continue Reading →

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