Good old fashioned Friday fun.

There are 87658345 reasons why it’s awesome to have a car, and today exemplified reason #5374, which is, freedom.

Today we ventured to neighboring Gush Etzion, where Rosh Tzurim (next to Alon Shvut) was hosting the annual cherry picking festival – פסטיבל דובדבנים 2008 בגוש עציון. We were going mainly for that reason, but the festival was also a carnival where vendors sold their wares (wines, olive oils, cheeses, clothes, etc), kids watched shows and played on rides.

You just have to love summer in Israel. The summer schedule is packed with family-centric activities, but those are my favorite kind, kids or no kids.

You also just have to love cherries. They’re pretty, delicious and so much fun when squished under your shoes. I hope they are good for you too, since they are the only thing I’ve eaten today.






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