b'herayon koala update

He preggo'd my eggo.

It’s like holding your breath for 16ish weeks, but here I go, coming out of the first trimester closet.

Ta da! We made aliyah separately almost four years ago and now together we’re making an Israeli-American-Australian baby combo. Or at least, I am… He’s done his part already, as the dati doctor pointed out, quite scientifically.

So far seems the kid is more American than anything else, since as the doctor was showing us some images in an ultrasound, he noticed its hand in an upright politician speech-making position and said, “See, he’s just like Obama!”**

So, now that we’re out with this, I can post all the back-dated entries I’ve been writing and saving… It’ll all be under the category b’herayon.

And now for a fetal high five:

**Also a commentary on how Obamania has infilitrated Israeli society, but that’s for another time.